• Nagarjuna As 'Greekuveerudu'

Manmadhudu is once again ready to give us the visual treat with his new film. Akkeneni Nagarjuna is about to come before us as ‘Greekuveerudu' in his new movie. As per the sources, 'Greekuveerudu' title has been confirmed for the new film of Nagarjuna in combination with Nenatara as lead role in female character. The movie is directed by Dasharath and produced by Siva Prasad Reddy.


Initially titles like 'Love Story', 'Sarileru Nikevaru' was proposed, but hero Nagarjuna and other unit members showed much interest in 'Greekuverudu' title.


Keeping in view Nagarjuna's one of the popular songs which run as 'Greeku veerudu na rakumarudu' from one of his super hit film 'ninne pelladatha' , the director and producer of the film, opinioned that this title as 'Greekuverudu' would reach audience quickly and would be catchy. This film in the last schedule of the shooting and on 26th of this month teaser this film would be released.