Banking concept in India can be traced backed to early 18th century. Th first and foremost bank in India was State Bank of India. State Bank of India was one of the Presidency banks, while the other two being Bank of Madras and Bank of Bombay. After Independence Government of India has taken measures to play a vigorous role in economic lives of the nation. Major steps taken to regulate banking system in India was the induction of Reserve Bank of India and Banking Regulation Act. Use of computers and Information Technology revolution had immense impact on the Indian Banking system. This led to the preamble of online banking system. People welcomed online banking as every banking transaction was at a click's distance. Online banking saved lot of time, as people need not waste their time in going to bank all the way and wait in the long queas to do any banking transactions.These days online banking is an integral part of our lives. A to Z provides the links to some of the prominent banks for the ready use of our visitors.